The Universal Light Institute

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The Four Pillars of the Universal Light are Truth, Love, Balance, and Oneness.

Truth is timeless and available to all. Each individual is responsible for the independent investigation of the truth. Such an investigation will lead to the harmonization of science, religion, and reason.

Love is the (first, last, and perpetual) Cause of Creation. Love of all Humanity (including, in measure, one’s self) cannot help but be a reflection of what many call the love of God.

Balance is a necessary condition to Harmonious Life. Mind, body, and spirit must each be nourished. As we are nourished, so too must we return nourishment. Such an approach will engender (a) spiritual development, (b) the elimination of poverty, and (c) World Unity.

Oneness (of God, of Humanity, and of religion) is the Manifest Reality. Any perceived separateness is but an illusion. Within our beautiful prism of Oneness shine many rays of individual brilliance. Let us shine together!

The Universal Light Institute is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to facilitating enlightenment — both on the individual and societal levels. If you are interested in learning more or simply would like to drop us a line, please contact us at: